Nokia 9.3 PureView Will Likely Sport A 120Hz Screen

Nokia 9 PureView real life image created

More details have now emerged regarding the Nokia 9.3 PureView and it’s shaping up to be a worthy contender to other flagships from heavyweights like Samsung and OnePlus.

Previously, it was reported that the phone will stick to a Penta-camera system, but the Light tech will not be inherited. And now, we are hearing that the handset will have a buttery smooth display.

More specifically, the flagship will apparently sport a 120Hz display. This will put it at the same footing as other high-end phones. However, we sure hope it comes with a hefty battery to sustain the high refresh rate.


On top of that, the Nokia 9.3 PureView will likely flaunt a pinhole screen. In fact, some reports even suggest that the device will feature under-display camera technology.

Even though we have seen some prototypes of the tech from some Chinese company, we doubt that any firm has made enough inroads to introduce it anytime soon.

Thus, we will be surprised if HMD Global is able to pull this off.


As for the camera system, the company is apparently considering different setups. A previous report had said that it will have a 64-megapixels main shooter with OIS, a 108-megapixels wide-angle sensor, a telephoto camera, a depth module, and a macro unit.

The company has also supposedly tested 20-megapixels, 24-megapixels, and 48-megapixels sensors.

There are presumably more than 10 Nokia 9.3 PureView prototypes

The new rumor says HMD Global is undecided about choosing between the Samsung made 108-megapixels sensor and Sony’s 64-megapixels camera for video shooting. Both versions reportedly output brilliant results.


There is also a possibility that the phone will end up adopting a Mi Note 10 Pro like camera setup.

So, while we cannot say which combination HMD Global will ultimately choose, it does seem serious about getting it right. After all, the Nokia 9 PureView failed to live up to the hype and its successor has been delayed many times.

So, if and when it does come out, the company would surely want to leave a mark. After all, it has been so long that the supposed name of the device will reflect that.


However, the report does claim that the final version is nearly ready.

This time around, the firm will reportedly stick with the new Snapdragon 865 chipset and not a year-old SoC. The phone will probably run the vanilla Android 10 as it will be a part of the Android One program. And since it will have Qualcomm’s highest-end chip inside, 5G connectivity is guaranteed.

The Nokia 9.3 PureView will likely arrive later this year, probably in September. And this timing alone makes it all the more important for the phone to have top-notch specs.


Otherwise, it wouldn’t stand a chance against premium devices from Samsung, Google, Apple, and OnePlus. One thing that can give an edge to the phone over other devices is the price tag. Given that its predecessor was reasonably priced, we do hope the case will be the same for the new phone.

But then again it will have the pricier Snapdragon 865 inside, so nothing is certain.