The Motorola Edge+ Will Be Exclusive To Verizon

motorola edge thunder grey backside

Motorola announced the Edge+ (as well as the Edge) today, and one thing that was left out was the Verizon exclusivity.

Yes, Motorola is still giving Verizon exclusives, as it has been for the past 10+ years. The Edge+ will be available outside of the US, unlocked. But for Americans, the only option is going to be Verizon, unfortunately.

On the flip side though, Verizon won’t be getting the Motorola Edge. That is the model that will likely be available unlocked and at other carriers. Which is rather disappointing. Considering the regular Edge has some pretty low specs. Including 4GB of RAM. But it does have the Snapdragon 765 and 5G support.


The Motorola Edge+ continues Verizon’s relationship with the OEM

Motorola and Verizon have had a really good relationship for over a decade now, when it comes to smartphones. Verizon was the only carrier in the US to take a chance on the Droid back in 2009/2010. And that relationship is continuing today.

Motorola always launches a phone that is going to be exclusive to Verizon. And while it sucks for customers, it is good for Motorola. As Verizon is paying big money to keep these phones exclusive to its network.

For customers, it means that they won’t be able to buy the Edge+ unless they are on Verizon. That really sucks, as the Edge+ is the much better smartphone, compared to the Edge.


It sports a 6.7-inch FHD+ curved OLED display at 90Hz, with the Snapdragon 865 chipset, 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage on-board. It also has a micro SD card slot available for expanding storage if needed. This is all powered by a 5000mAh capacity battery. Which should do really well, seeing as it does have a FHD+ display instead of a QHD+ display on-board.

It’ll be available for $999, starting on May 14

Verizon did announce when the Motorola Edge+ will be available, and it’s almost a month away still.

The Motorola Edge+ will be available starting on May 14 on Verizon. And it’s going to cost you $999. Or if you’d rather finance this one, it’ll cost you $41.66 per month for 24 months. That puts it in line with the Galaxy S20 series, and that’s a place where Motorola is really going to have trouble selling devices. Seeing as Samsung has more brand recognition and many might say it’s the better phone.


But this is Motorola’s first flagship in a few years, so we’ll see how well it does.