Monster Boy & The Cursed Kingdom Is Coming To Stadia This year


Google is slowly but surely announcing more new games coming to Stadia throughout the year, and that now includes Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom.

There are two other games that have been announced too. One of which you can actually play on Android devices right now, called Republique. The last game is West of Loathing, a game described as a slaptstick comedy RPG that features a cowboy theme.

All three games are indie titles. But don't let that deter you from checking any of them out because indie games can often be very good. Monster Boy in particular is a Stadia title that many will love, with a gorgeous art style and engaging platforming action.


Monster Boy will launch on Stadia sometime later this year

Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom doesn't have a release date yet. Furthermore, neither does West of Loathing or Republique.

All three games are of course coming at some point later this year. But for now there's no exact date in the cards. Google does usually throw out another announcement when the games are close to launch that says they're "coming soon."

So once you see that post land on the Stadia Community page, the games aren't far off from release. Keep an eye out for that in particular if you want to have an idea of when the games will all arrive.


Don't forget to snag your free two months of Stadia Pro

New games coming to Stadia is great. You can't enjoy them though if you don't have the service to begin with. Luckily, Google just started to hand out two months of Stadia Pro for free.

Beginning yesterday, Google started to roll out free access to Pro for everyone over a 48-hour period. If you haven't signed up already, make sure to double check and see if you can now sign up for free.

While you wait on these three new games to launch, there are nine games which you will have immediate access to with Stadia Pro. Including Destiny 2, GRID, and more.


Plus, there will be new Pro games arriving in May and June. If you sign up as soon as you can, you'll end up getting to claim both of those new Pro drops. That's anywhere from two to six more games included with the membership.

Keep in mind that once the two-month trials ends you will have to pay the $9.99 monthly fee if you want to keep Stadia Pro active. Which you'll need to play all of your free games.