MIUI 12 Will Become Official At The End Of April: Tipster

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Xiaomi is planning to launch MIUI 12 at the end of April, according to the latest information. This info comes from Xiaomishka a tipster. He shared that information along with some additional details via a tweet.

We’ve actually talked about MIUI 12 quite recently, as some screenshots of the upcoming OS surfaced. Well, it seems like its announcement is much closer than we initially thought.

MIUI 12 is coming at the of April, probably on April 27 or 28

The source claims that MIUI 12 will launch on either April 27 or 28, and says that the info is probably quite accurate. In addition to the release timeframe, he shared an image that contains some additional information.


The source claims that MIUI 12 will offer brand new system animations and full screen gestures. It seems like Xiaomi worked to improve on both of those, even though both are really good in MIUI 11.

“The new system UI and desktop themes” are also listed. That probably just means that there will be some UI design changes included, and that quite a few new themes will be presented as well.

Dolby support will be included in MIUI 12, while something called ‘Xiaomi compiler’ has also been mentioned. Some camera changes are also coming, and deeper integration of the dark mode.


‘New notification interface’ is coming as well

“New notification interface” is also mentioned by the source. This suggests we’ll be seeing some changes in the notification department as well. The new multitasking interface is also coming, though we believe the changes won’t be huge in this regard.

The ‘Live Caption’ feature may be included as well, for media content, and some health-related features as well. Deeper high refresh rate display support will be baked into MIUI 12, and some other features.

The source did not offer detailed explanations for any of these, but it at least gives us an idea as to what we can expect. MIUI 12 will probably be announced in China first, and its global launch will follow soon after.


MIUI, for those of you who don’t know, is Xiaomi’s Android OS / skin. MIUI managed to get a lot better in the last couple of years, and is now one of the best Android skins in the market.

MIUI 10 managed to improve things greatly. While MIUI 11 really pushed things forward for the company. MIUI 12 is expected to offer even more refinements than its predecessor.

In addition to what we’ve mentioned here, MIUI 12 will offer many changes under the hood. MIUI 12 will become official at the end of April, it seems, so we won’t have to wait much longer to see what exactly will it offer.


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