Microsoft Is Bundling xCloud With Xbox Game Pass

Project xCloud

Microsoft has recently confirmed that it will be bundling its xCloud game streaming platform with the Xbox Game Pass service.

This creates an extreme value for the consumer who is looking for a high quality gaming experience. Especially for those that already subscribe to Game Pass.

With the two services being offered together, this should bring out the capability to stream games with xCloud on the PC. Microsoft has already been testing this internally and has said that it will end up expanding to PC once things are ready.


When this will be available and how much it will cost though is still unclear.

xCloud with Xbox Game Pass does not have a price yet

According to Windows Central who reached out to Microsoft on pricing details, there is no price that's been set for the xCloud and Xbox Game Pass bundle.

The company has stated that they will share more details on the cost in the future. But currently there's nothing it was willing to publicize about what consumers will have to pay.

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When the bundle is available, the pricing may stay the same for those that already have a Game Pass membership. It could also cost a little bit more, with Microsoft adding on a new tier to the existing Game Pass pricing options.

Right now there are three different tiers for Game Pass. Console, PC, and Ultimate. The Console and PC plans are basically the same, offering unlimited access to over 100 games for that specific platform. Meanwhile, Ultimate includes both of those together and Xbox Live Gold.

You could see Microsoft tack xCloud onto the Ultimate plan. Or it could be offered as an add-on to which ever plan you want.


xCloud will launch later in 2020

While the service is still in a preview state right now, it won't be forever.

Microsoft plans to launch xCloud later in 2020. For the sake of absolute perfect timing, it would make a whole lot of sense for xCloud to launch around the Holiday season or sometime just before.

This is when the Xbox Series X is supposed to launch. Having xCloud launch officially around the same time would be a good way to get people interested. It could be bundled with Game Pass and even be offered with promotional discounts for anyone who buys the Xbox Series X.


Microsoft may not do this of course. If it doesn't plan to though, it should. Because it would be a surefire way to grab new xCloud subscribers.