LG's Mysterious New Smartphone Will Be Called 'LG Velvet'


LG had introduced a new design language for its upcoming smartphones quite recently. The company shared some sketches back then, but not the name of the device that is coming. Well, now we know that LG’s mysterious new smartphone will be called ‘LG Velvet’.

This is something the company confirmed in a new official press release. The company says that this new smartphone “leads the way with focus on stylish, tactilely pleasing design”.

Do note that the mysterious LG Velvet will only be the first smartphone to feature this design. LG plans to continue releasing phones with similar designs moving forward.


The mysterious LG Velvet will include a ‘Raindrop’ camera setup

This handset will feature the ‘Raindrop’ camera LG talked about recently. It will also offer symmetrical, flowing form factor that is “both pleasing to the eye, and pleasing to touch”.

The company offered more explanation why it chose the name ‘Velvet’. LG says that the name ‘Velvet’ is “intended to evoke images of lustrous smoothness and premium softness, two key characteristics of the new phone”.

We’re still not sure when will this smartphone become a reality, but it is expected to arrive soon. This will probably be a flagship smartphone, by the way, as LG is making a huge deal about it and the new design.


Third-party concept renders have also surfaced

While we’re waiting for the phone to launch, we can check out some concept renders that surfaced. Do note that these renders are not official, nor are they leaks of any kind. These images were created by a third-party designer, and are inspired by the sketches LG shared.

If you take a look at the gallery below this paragraph, you’ll be able to see those renders. As you’ll notice, the phone pictured here is quite narrow, and tall. It has a tall display aspect ratio.

You’ll immediately notice the ‘Raindrop’ camera design on the back. The first camera from the top is the largest, while it decreases in size all the way down. An LED flash sits below those three cameras.


The company’s logo is placed on the back as well, along with the ‘Velvet’ branding. The back side of the device is curved, by the way, and only the largest camera sensor protrudes on the back.

This device includes a curved display on the front, and a display camera hole is placed in the top-left corner. Bezels on this concept phone are not exactly visible, but they’re quite thin.

The designer actually shows off quite a few color variants of this device here, including black, white, blue, purple, and red. The LG Velvet is expected to make an appearance in the near future, and LG will probably share more details soon.