Certification Reveals Possible LG Velvet Dual-Screen Case Accessory

LG Velvet design image 3

The upcoming LG Velvet may ship with a dual-screen case accessory, based on recent reports stemming from a certification discovered at South Korea’s NRRA site. The certification, filed April 20, points to a “portable screen cover” manufactured by LG Electronics. It’s listed with the model number LG-G905N.

LG has reportedly designated the upcoming LG Velvet with model number LG-G900N. The closeness in designations seems to indicate that this protective cover will be designed to work with that handset. LG still hasn’t officially revealed all of the LG Velvet’s specs and features just yet. But all signs appear to imply that the protective case in question will add an optional second screen for the device.

What is this LG dual-screen accessory?

Now, the use of a protective case to add a secondary screen is nothing new in the mobile industry. Not only have OEMs released these kinds of accessories before. Even third-party manufacturers have designed cases that add either a backward-facing screen or a second display panel on the front. More pertinently, LG has launched cases that do the same in the past.


The first smartphone from LG to come with an optional second screen case was the LG V50. That wallet-style case protected the phone from minor damages. But it also packed a second screen on the inside of the flap. When opened, that gave users a lot more screen real estate for multitasking, productivity, and more.

LG continued that trend with an accessory for the LG G8X ThinQ as well. So LG is no stranger to these types of experiences.

Since LG is purportedly replacing its G-series lineup with the LG Velvet, it makes sense that it would release a dual-screen case there too.


What’s already known about the phone and when will it arrive?

For now, LG isn’t giving away any details about the screen resolution or other specs of this dual-screen case. At the very least, there aren’t any details to be found in the NRRA certification. But the tech giant has unveiled at least some information about its upcoming LG Velvet. That includes promotional videos showcasing its front-to-back symmetrical “3D Arc Design.”

The phone will, for instance, deliver three rear-facing cameras. Coupled with an LED flash below, those will be laid out in a more individual, raindrop-like design — largest-to-smallest and top-to-bottom for each successive lens. Only the largest of those lenses will protrude from the curved rear panel.

The company is additionally abandoning the top-tier flagship origins of the G-series with the LG Velvet. Rather than including the latest Snapdragon flagship SoC, for starters, LG is using a more affordable Snapdragon 765. A fast-charging 4000mAh battery will reside behind that, with 5G compatibility out-of-the-box. That battery will charge via USB-C and that port will be accompanied by a returning 3.5mm headphone jack.


Finally, the company has revealed that four colors will be available for LG Velvet. Those include Sunset Velvet Touch, White Aurora, Aurora Gray, and Aurora Green color variants.

The present expectation is that LG Velvet will arrive as early as May and the certification of this accessory seems to support that.