KartRider Rush+ Smashes Past Its Pre-Registration Goal In A Week

KartRider Rush

KartRider Rush+ is an upcoming kart racer game from Nexon that just entered pre-registration only a week ago, and already it's blown past its pre-registration goal to surpass 3 million pre-registered players.

The game looks like it could be a pretty good rival to Mario Kart Tour. Though both games will probably have a fair amount of differences, they are both kart racers. Ultimately serving the same purpose.

Which is to curb the craving for a racing game with go karts that employs tons of characters, kart options, and boosted power-ups to help give you an edge.


KartRider Rush+ users will get loads of pre-registration rewards

To celebrate the 3 million users who signed up for the game, Nexon is giving out plenty of neat little in-game gifts.

This is a typical thing with games on mobile. Usually there are multiple pre-registration reward tiers. KartRider Rush+ had some as well. Because it so quickly captured the attention of players before the launch of the game globally, players will get tons of rewards to mess around with post-launch.

This includes a free kart, a free character, an Driftmoji, and various types of in-game currency. It's not made clear yet what the currency will be used for. However it's pretty likely it'll be used for numerous things, including acquiring new karts, racers, and more items.

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Nexon is even giving additional rewards to players who pre-registered through Google Play. So if you opted for this method as opposed to through the official website, you're getting some extras.

The game will launch sometime in the second quarter

Nexon hasn't mentioned anything about a specific release date yet. But it has mentioned that the game will launch sometime in the second quarter of this year.

The company also says that players will be rewarded with all of those game-specific gifts ahead of the game's launch. So what's likely to happen is emails will go out to anyone that pre-registered that contain codes for acquiring everything.


This is just a guess though, and players may not actually get anything until they boot up the game for the first time. In which case they would just find everything in an inbox within the game itself.

If you haven't already pre-registered for KartRider Rush+, there's still plenty of time to do so. And by completing the process you'll end up with in-game rewards just like all the other players.

You can pre-register for the game from the Google Play button below, or through the official website here.