Journey Creators Finally Launch Their New Mobile Game On Android

Sky Children Of The Light

The creators of the critically acclaimed Journey have finally reached the launch of their new mobile game on Android.

It's an RPG called Sky: Children of The Light, and it looks just as beautiful as you might expect. That is, if you've played or seen enough videos of Journey.

It also doesn't take long to notice the similarities between the two games. At least visually. A quick watch of the trailer on Google Play is enough to come to that conclusion.


Sky: Children of The Light feels like a Journey mobile game

If you liked Journey, then you should definitely give Sky: Children of The Light a try, as it looks and somewhat feels like a mobile version of the game. Even if it's not. Because it appears to have the same amount of wonderful storytelling that pulls you in.

And it also seems to do everything without any actual vocal dialogue. Furthermore most of the game seems to forego text as well, except for where absolutely necessary.

You see, Sky is big on telling its story through pictures and music. So much so that the creators have worked in a brief message before the game starts that tells you music is half the experience.

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It does this while labeling that message with a headphones icon. So the suggestion here is that you should play with headphones to get the best experience possible. Or at the very least play with the audio up to a reasonable level.

While it's not required to play with headphones, you may want to. Chances are you're more likely to take all of the sounds and audio that the developers intended while you have them on.

Expanding worlds that grow over time

Unlike Journey, Sky: Children of The Light will be a game that grows to offer more things to players over time.


At present the game has seven realms for the players to explore, and explore them you can as the realms seem vast with tons of hidden mysteries. The curious will be rewarded for seeking out new areas and useful items.

Best of all is that the game is going to be ever-expanding. That Game Company says that there will be new and upcoming attractions for players to dig into. Including seasonal events that may result in players acquiring limited time items.

Realms will also be expanded through future updates. So if you ever played Journey and wished there were more to it, this seems to give you more of what you were wanting. In a sense. It may not be the same game, but it was designed with the same love and care that went into Journey.


Do yourself a favor and check out Sky: Children of The Light now that you probably have some extra time on your hands. You won't regret it.