If You Love Motocross, Play Red Bull's Dirt Bike Unchained

Dirt Bike Unchained

Red Bull might be known best for things like its highly popular energy drink and the crazy annual flugtag event, but it also publishes games and other media content, like Dirt Bike Unchained.

Forget Monster Energy Supercross 3 on Stadia, play this instead (or maybe in addition to) as it's not only a little more accessible, it's also free. You might even be quite surprised by the quality of the gameplay and the graphics, which appear to rival that of some current-gen offerings.

Dirt Bike Unchained has multiple modes of play including co-op

Play the game solo if you like, or play with friends in a co-op mode that allows for up to 24 total players.


This mode allows you to team up with all those other players and complete different missions and challenges together. Which honestly makes for an interesting experience as usually co-op lets you play with up to 8 players.

There's other modes available too, though you will only be able to start with thesingle player  unranked dirt league. Once you play a little bit more you can unlock more of the game modes, as well as more equipment.

Controls take a little bit to get used to but learning them is pretty easy and doesn't take too long. Once you get the hang of things the game also becomes a lot more fun.

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Win races, earn cash, and upgrade your bike

You start the game off with your choice of two different bikes. But you'll quickly learn that your bike isn't always going to be up to snuff and you will need to upgrade it with better parts.

The game's starting tutorial will dump you right into a match where you are guaranteed to lose to get this point across.

In addition to upgrading your first bike, you can collect tons of other bikes and upgrade those as well. There's even a character customization feature that lets you outfit your character with different pieces of gear. Such as new helmets, bandannas, googles and more.


You can also choose between male and female characters, and select from various skin tones. That's about where the character customization ends though.

For a free game, Dirt Bike Unchained is pretty well done and is easy to get into. It's an addicting high-action, high-excitement game that will appeal to plenty of mobile gamers, especially fans of motocross. You can pick up the game from the Google Play button below as well as watch the launch trailer.