HealthChampion Joins The Fight With A New COVID-19 Symptom Tracker, Free of Charge

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While pretty much everybody is pulling together to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, health apps have been playing their own understated part in keeping the world safe.

HealthChampion is among those apps that have been updated with information and tools designed specifically to help users affected by COVID-19, whether they’re looking to check symptoms, monitor friends and family members, or manage their illnesses from start to recovery.

At the basic physical level, HealthChampion tracks signs like body temperature, whether manually or using an integrated device.


But it also provides more holistic support, with links to reliable information sources, a personal journal for keeping track of symptoms and observations, a timeline to help users identify trends, and profile sharing. This last feature is essential for relatives and friends involved in somebody’s care but unable, for obvious reasons, to be with the patient.

And at the other end of the equation, HealthChampion is releasing a tool that will enable frontline workers to more easily report health incidents in their places of work.

Since last year, HealthChampion has been cementing its status as a leading symptom tracker and healthcare app.

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Owing to the digitization of medical records, along with the huge amounts of personal health data being generated by smart devices, HealthChampion believes we have an opportunity to improve our collective health by taking control of our own medical data.

The app helps with this project – or “movement”, in the company’s own terms – by consolidating this data and using it to offer health-maximizing observations.

HealthChampion can be integrated with devices by Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, and others. It takes in an endless flow of information on your habits and physical signs, and then combines this data with your medical records and personal statements to create a comprehensive picture of your health.


It’s a perfect tool for pretty much anybody, whether you’re a super-fit running enthusiast looking to shave seconds off your 10k time or a person living with a chronic condition, such as asthma, diabetes, or obesity, who needs a sensible, clinically robust care pathway.

And if you’re worried about COVID-19, or currently coping with its effect on yourself or a loved one, HealthChampion can help.

Download it right now on Google Play or the App Store.



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