Google Will Start Shipping The Pixel 4a On May 22

Google Pixel 3a AM AH 71

A new report shows that Google is planning on shipping the Pixel 4a smartphone in late May – May 22 to be exact.

Which would line up with the time that the Pixel 3a went on sale last year. The Pixel 3a was announced on May 7 and went on sale the same day. According to some internal documents, it looks like May 22 is going to be the date. Which puts it about two weeks past when the Pixel 3a was announced.

However, the later announcement date could be due to the pandemic. After all, Google had likely planned to announce the Pixel 4a at Google I/O. But that was inevitably canceled completely. And it’s also likely that the pandemic impacted manufacturing of the phone, which also pushed back the launch date.


This date is according to a German carrier, so the US launch could be sooner

Google does typically favor its home market over international markets. So this date that Vodafone Germany has in its system may not be the same date as the Pixel 4a launch in the US.

As with any leak like this, it’s important to take it all with a grain of salt. As this could just be a placeholder for the device in its systems. And not the actual launch date. But, where it is almost May, we should be hearing more about the Pixel 4a rather soon.

The Pixel 4a is going to quickly become contender for Smartphone of the Year

Last year, all we could talk about was how good the Pixel 3a was. And this year, we are likely to do the same thing with the Pixel 4a.


Google is expected to keep the same $399 price point for the Pixel 4a – and there won’t be a larger model this year, but perhaps a second variant with more storage. Which also puts it head-to-head with Apple’s new iPhone SE that went on sale last Friday.

If Google kept the same recipe it used for the Pixel 3a last year, then the Pixel 4a is going to be amazing. With the same camera as the Pixel 4 – minus the telephoto lens. As well as keeping the same stock Android with fast updates, and a larger battery than the Pixel 4. It’s going to do well.

Now that the economy is in free fall, due to obvious reasons, and most people aren’t going to be able to afford $1,000 phones, the Pixel 4a might be even more successful than the Pixel 3a.