Google Will Hold Its First Stadia Connect Of 2020 On April 28

Stadia Controller

Google is having its first Stadia Connect event of 2020 tomorrow, April 28. Where it will talk about… who knows what.

So far Google hasn't given any hints as to what the contents of the live stream event will be. But one only needs to look at past Stadia Connect events to glean all possible scenarios.

The event will begin roughly at 9AM Pacific Standard Time. So it'll be noon on the East coast and much later in other parts of the world where Stadia is available. Here's what you may be able to expect at the company's first Connect event of the year.


The first Stadia Connect of 2020 could lean heavily on games

If there's one thing that Stadia is still missing out on its games. Not just any kind of games, but big, AAA, blockbuster titles that draw people into a platform.

Stadia has a handful of these already. A very small handful, with the most recent being DOOM Eternal. But, it still needs a whole lot more big games like this one to get some prospective newcomers excited.

Even with the Pro membership being free right now, some people may find it a waste of time to even consider testing it without many big games on board.

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For example, many players in the Stadia subreddit have been pleading to add games like Call of Duty. Activision hasn't made any statements about partnering with Stadia to bring its games over. Nor has Google. But Call of Duty is a popular franchise that players on Stadia have been wanting.

A big announcement during the event tomorrow that includes a new AAA publisher partnership like this one could be just what Stadia needs.

It's also likely that if any games make it into tomorrow's event, that they'll just be other indie titles. Or titles coming from existing publisher partners.


Announcements of upcoming features are possible

While Google has been good about ramping up Stadia's updates to include more games and some of the missed features, there are still more missing.

The first Stadia Connect of 2020 may just be the launch pad for announcing some of these features. Things like Family Share, and wireless support for the Stadia Controller on Chrome and on Phones are just a couple of examples.

These are things which many have been hoping for since the launch of Stadia last year. So here's to hoping that Google has to something to share about them tomorrow.