Google Pixel 3 Sales End As Remaining Inventory Sells Out

AH 2019 Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL 04

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL sales came to an end mere 15 months after the launch of Google’s 2018 flagships. The devices are still available through third-party distributors in the United States such as Best Buy and B&H.

Alphabet’s subsidiary confirmed the development’s a result of a sold-out inventory. In other words, its distribution partners are unlikely to keep the Pixel 3 devices in stock for much longer. Google Store pages still seem to contain plenty of references to the Android-powered handsets. That likely won’t be the case for much longer, however.

Pixel 3 sales end mimicks the previous generation

It’s possible Google would’ve been selling the Pixel 3 series for longer were it not for the current global market instability. Possible, but not likely; at this point last year, the sales of Pixel 2 devices via Google Store also came to an end. Not to mention they were losing steam even faster than their successors in the final months of their retail availability.


Google struggled with moving some of its consumer-facing inventory in the past; the 2018 Pixel devices seem to be a continuation of that trend. The newer generation of Google-branded Android smartphones may not necessarily follow suit, however. After all, the prices of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL appear to be dropping somewhat faster compared to their predecessors.

There’s also the question of whether the current global situation will affect Google’s ability to even replenish its Pixel 4 stock. Mass-producing the Pixel 5 range in time for the family’s annual October refresh will arguably be an even larger challenge. That’s assuming the Pixel 5 ends up being a flagship series at all. Somewhat surprisingly, recent industry rumblings suggest that isn’t guaranteed.

Google’s smartphone line may hence be in for an identity crisis of sorts. Three and a half years ago, it debuted as a sort of a premium follow-up to the Nexus program. Fast-forward a few years, and you’ll find Google dipping into the mid-range market as well with the Pixel 3a and the like. Coupled with the latest rumors, gauging Google’s current view of its in-house smartphones is a difficult task.


In the meantime, the stop to Pixel 3 sales isn’t likely to have a major impact on the company’s financials. Not only does it coincide with the previous product generation’s end of shelf life but it’s not like hardware is a major part of Google’s business in the first place. Quite the contrary: it’s at best a rounding error for one of the world’s most valuable corporations.