Google Meet Users Will Be Able To Take Calls From Gmail Links

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Google Meet will be getting a new feature that allows users to take videoconferencing calls from Gmail links in the future.

Google confirmed the news earlier this morning in an interview with Reuters. Also stating that the business tool would be upgraded with some additional new features.

The gmail link functionality, while useful, is just the start in Google’s attempt to make its Meet tool more like Zoom. The company also plans to add in a gallery view functionality that will display everyone in the call on the screen at one time.


More specifically it will allow all users to be displayed in a single frame. It will also support up to 16 participants, so if your meetings tend to be smaller than that, then everyone can be in the frame simultaneously while discussions are happening.

This is a feature which Zoom offers, and is just one of the reasons why it’s a popular choice for businesses.

Google Meet gmail feature should let you start or answer calls

When it comes to productivity, being as efficient as possible is key. Google tends to take this into account when it implements new features to most of its products.


Though Google has yet to put out any formal announcement post on the upcoming feature, it appears that users should be able to start or answer incoming Google Meet calls right from the Gmail window. And not just take calls via links.

You can already do this with the standard Google Hangouts that’s available for consumer users if a video call comes in. So it makes sense for Google to bring in the same feature for Google Meet users.

If you have a Gmail G Suite account you should start to see this feature available as of today. It’ll also be coming to the mobile version of Gmail for G Suite users. But not till a little bit later.


Google is also adding a noise suppression feature

Google says that it’s working on rolling out other features to the Meet tool later on. One that it’s already working on is a noise suppression feature.

If this sounds familiar that’s because Discord (the popular chat app used by millions of gamers) added this exact same feature earlier this month for voice chat. Google says its noise cancellation functionality for Meet will help to block out noises such as slamming doors and the clicking of keyboard keys.

Meet will also be getting some improvements to help the video quality when users are in a dimly lit room.