Google Meet Gets Tiled Layout & Other Advanced Features

Google Meet Tiles

Google is rolling out some new advanced features to all Meet users today, including the tiled layout that’s been popularized by Zoom. Another similar tool for conference calls.

The tiled layout of course is just one of the new features coming to the communication tool. In addition to that, Google says that it’s bringing with it three other advanced features.

What’s more is that all four of the new features being added were top requests from users. So Google is listening to its user base and making Meet more efficient and enjoyable to use.


The Google Meet tiled layout supports up to 16 people

If you’re eager to test out the tiles, Google is probably happy that you’re excited to give them a shot.

While tiled layouts can be turned on at any time, they’ll work exceptionally well for much larger calls. Because it supports up to 16 participants. Where it use to only support up to four. More people were of course allowed in the call, but you could only see four at a time.

Depending on the size of your team, this may be one of the most useful of the features added. Google is planning to expand on the feature set designed specifically for larger groups too.


The company says it will be adding in better presentation layouts and support for more devices. Though these are features which will be arriving sometime in the future, and Google hasn’t given a time frame yet.

Say hello to noise cancellation and AI-powered low-light mode

Let’s be honest. The AI-powered low-light mode is a very nice option to have but the noise cancellation is the real star here.

With the new low-light mode, users who are participating in the meeting but may be in a less optimal light setting will be easier to see in one of the on-screen panels. Image quality won’t look as dark and in the end this results in the person appearing more present in the meeting. For the user and for everyone else.


But, the noise cancellation brings a usefulness that’s hard to top. It was designed to filter out background noise intelligently so it can prevent meeting interruptions.

Think of every meeting you’ve ever been in where someone (maybe it was you) was typing away while things are being discussed. Sometimes you might have to type while the meeting is happening. That’s not a bad thing. But depending on how loud your keyboard is, it might be disturbing the other meeting participants.

No longer. Keystrokes, clapping, slammed doors, a barking dog – you can say goodbye to all of these audio interruptions. Lastly there’s also a new feature that lets you share a specific Chrome tab instead of your whole Chrome window or entire desktop.