Google Is Making A Few Useful Changes To Its Google Fit Platform

Google Fit Update 2

Today Google is starting to make some useful changes to its Google Fit platform. Including some new integrations with Wear OS among other things.

Google is also refocusing Fit to prioritize the information that it shows you the most often. It isn't really taking anything away, it's just directing you more towards certain stuff, such as how many steps you're taking.

You should see these changes in your Google Fit app and on your Wear OS smartwatch in the coming days, and at the very least, by the end of the upcoming weekend. Probably.


The Google Fit changes are being rolled out to Android users as of Today

Google has started rolling these changes out to Android users as of today. Your app will need an update and in turn will need to update on the Wear OS watch as well. If you're using one.

Keep in mind though that the update is being rolled out from today, and it may take a few days to hit everyone. Whatever the case is for you personally, simply keep an eye on your app and check to see if updates are available for it throughout the week if you didn't already get it.

Once you do get it, you'll notice. Because Google is ushering in brighter colors and bigger text for things to make it more visible for people to "glance at" in a hurry. It knows that people generally don't spend tens of minutes staring at their smartwatch screens.


So it's making things more glanceable. That way you're able to look down at your wrist quickly and briefly and see the things you need to see right away.

New Wear OS Tiles are incoming & Step counters are now the main focus

If you have a Wear OS smartwatch then Tiles are one of the best features that you should be making use of. Google is adding some new Fit tiles for you that make it easier to track your exercises.

There's a new tile for starting workouts with a single tap. So whether you're running, cycling or doing any other supported workouts you can just tap the icon and start tracking.


If you have daily and weekly goals set for the app, there are new tiles for easily checking in your progress for these goals too. Also noted is that step counting is one of the most familiar activities that people track, which is why Google is taking a bigger focus here.