Google Assistant Now Supports All TV & Set-top Box Makers

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Google has updated its documentation for Google Assistant on its support pages, and it now allows all TV and set-top box makers to have native support for the voice assistant tool.

What this means is that now any device maker brand has the capability to implement the support for Google Assistant into its products. With the documentation in place, brands have the proper knowledge on how to bake this feature into their products.

Whether that’s a TV with Android TV or other smart TV software installed, a set-top box with Android TV, or even smart media remotes.


Google Assistant is now officially supported all TV makers

All of these devices types were technically supported prior to now but this was only really for specific devices from specific brands.

Like the Harmony media remote from Logitech or the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Now though, any manufacturer who makes one of those types of devices, or makes TVs, can see the proper documentation on the support pages and get these functions rolling out in their upcoming devices. Or perhaps current ones.

With newly added proper support for all TV brands as well as brands that make set-top boxes and smart media remotes, it’s likely that more products with Google Assistant support for control will start to hit the market.


Support includes various controls for these products

Naturally the support controls include functions like powering these devices on and off. So you can simply ask Google to turn on your set-top box and it’ll power on relatively quickly. Adversely you can also ask Google to power it down and the same thing will happen.

The support documentation also lists a varied range of other commands. Such as selecting and launching apps, adjusting the volume up or down, and so on.

There are commands for managing the playback of your content and switching to a different input method as well. Should you ever need to do so.


All of these traits are detailed and listed for any manufacturer to see. So the support for Google Assistant will no longer be limited to just bigger brands and the like.

Last month, Google finally added support for sensor-only device to the same list of device types. Allowing things like windows sensors, water purifiers, and smoke detectors to report various types of information to the owner.

Initiating a similar type of expansion in what home owners can control in their homes with just their voices.