The Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 5G May Launch In Europe & The US


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 has a 5G model and it'll be available outside South Korea. Dutch portal GalaxyClub reports that the company is developing a Tab S7 variant with model number SM-T976B. This is likely the 5G model intended for Europe. A 5G-equipped Galaxy Tab S7 should launch in the US as well.

Samsung has a 5G variant of the Galaxy Tab S6 as well. However, that device was never released outside Samsung's home country South Korea. The company's looking to change that with its successor this year.

Interestingly, Samsung's upcoming flagship tablet was initially speculated to be called Galaxy Tab S20. After all, this change in naming scheme fits in line with the company's flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S20 earlier this year, and the Galaxy Note 20 later this year.


However, it appears that the Galaxy Tab S20 name is far from confirmed. In fact, the South Korean giant is internally referring to the device as Galaxy Tab S7.

This still doesn't confirm what the new tablet will be called, though. We'll likely get a clearer picture over the next few months, as the Galaxy Tab S7 isn't expected to launch before August.

Galaxy Tab S7 has a 5G model, supports S Pen

We already know from previous reports that Samsung is working on two size variants of the Galaxy Tab S7. There's the standard Tab S7 featuring an 11-inch display. This tablet has model numbers SM-T870 and SM-T875 for Wi-Fi and LTE variants respectively.


There's also a 12.4-inch Tab S7 with model numbers SM-T970 (Wi-Fi) and SM-T975 (LTE). This bigger tablet will be called the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

The model number SM-T976 also falls in this series, so Samsung is currently developing a 5G variant of the Tab S7 Plus. And that's one long name there –  Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 5G.

It's unclear if the South Korean behemoth has plans to launch a 5G variant of the standard Galaxy Tab S7 as well.


In addition to confirming the existence of a 5G Galaxy Tab S7, the report also reveals that the upcoming flagship tablet will unsurprisingly ship with an S Pen.

Yes, Samsung has been shipping an S Pen with its high-end tablets since Tab S3 days and this year will be no different.

The Galaxy Tab S7 (or Tab S20) will likely alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series in August this year. The Galaxy Fold 2 is also expected to arrive at the same time.