Galaxy Note 20 Base Model To Have 4,000mAh Battery

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Samsung is soon to announce the Galaxy Note 20 in a few months, and sources say that the base model will have a 4,000mAh battery featuring model number EB-BN980ABY.

Galaxy Note 20 base battery matches the Galaxy S20 base model

The regular Galaxy Note 20 (the Note 10’s successor) matches that of the Galaxy S20 regular model released earlier this year. Some would say that the Galaxy Note 20 provides more functionality and deserves a higher battery capacity. Galaxy Note 10 users will notice that the 4,000mAh battery coming to the Note 20 is 500mAh more than the regular Galaxy Note 10 (not the Plus model) from last year. But what some may not remember is that the 4,000mAh capacity of the upcoming Note 20 matches that of the now two-year-old Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9 users who upgrade to the upcoming series base model will have to live with the same battery capacity as before. When one factors in 5G (which brings an extra cost nowadays due to its new trend) and a 120Hz display (expected for the upcoming series), the battery life of the Note 20 won’t match the battery life of the Note 9. The Note 9, some may remember, features 4G connectivity and the standard 60Hz display.


What about the Note 20 Plus battery capacity?

As sure as there will be a Galaxy Note 20, there’s sure to be a Galaxy Note 20 Plus (formally Galaxy Note 20+) in the works as well. Sources say that the Note 20 Plus could have a 4,500mAh or 5,000mAh battery capacity. This puts the Note 20+ in the same category as the S20+. If the Note 20+ ends up with a higher battery capacity (5,000mAh), it will slightly surpass the battery life of the S20+. In contrast, the Note 10+ had a 4,300mAh battery capacity. Note 20+ buyers will see a higher battery capacity, though how much better battery life is as a result of the phone’s expected 120Hz display is anyone’s guess at the moment.

What else do we know about the upcoming Note 20 series?

The Note 20 will be the successor to the Note 10. Though this strikes some as a surprise, it isn’t when one considers Samsung’s desire to help customers remember the subsequent number with each new year’s arrivals. Samsung skipped the Galaxy Note 6 for the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016 so that its series numbers could all line up (Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7, for example). With the Galaxy Note 10 last year, Samsung finished the end of a decade of phone numbers from 1-10. With 2020 here, the Galaxy S20 and upcoming Galaxy Note 20 will appeal to customers because the “20” matches the current year, 2020. Even the numbering scheme can be a powerful marketing tool to help customers identify with a series.

The Note 20 and Note 20+ should feature Dynamic AMOLED displays with a 120Hz refresh rate. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 SoC (or Samsung’s Exynos SoC, depending on region) will power the devices, alongside 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM. 128GB of storage will be the minimum for the Note 20 series.


In other words, the Note 20 series could very well be an S Pen-equipped Galaxy S20 series with a slightly different “Note-like” design. There’s currently no word on the existence of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.