Four New Games Come To Stadia Today Including PUBG

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Stadia is getting a new crop of games today including PUBG (Player's Unknown Battlegrounds), the popular battle royale title.

In addition to PUBG, popular RPG from Square Enix 'Octopath Traveler' is also available today, as is Get packed and Monopoly. Of today's games, PUBG is definitely the strongest title out of sheer popularity.

But Octopath Traveler is a real sleeper hit that any RPG fan should definitely check out. If you're looking for more of a lighthearted co-op game, then Stadia-First 'Get Packed' or Monopoly may be the perfect options for you. Especially now with all the extra time you're probably spending at home these days.


PUBG is free for Stadia Pro members now, but will eventually cost $30

If you're a Stadia Pro member this month then you should grab PUBG for free while you can. Because eventually it will cost you $30 to buy the base game.

Tack on some extra cash if you want the Cold Front survivor pass and the Stadia Exclusive skin set. Which comes with the base game as a bundle in the Pioneer Edition for $40.

There's also numerous add-ons you can pick up for various amounts, and the $90 Chicken Dinner Edition which comes with a whole lot more content. Your best value is to pick up the free offering today which is the Pioneer Edition, and then grab any extra add-ons separately as you'll spend less money this way.

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The game also supports cross-platform play. It isn't mentioned which platforms Stadia users can play with, but one could assume that it's with other consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. Maybe even PC.

Get Packed is a steal at $20

You can't get much cheaper than free, which is why PUBG is a good value right now. But comparing its upcoming price to the launch price of Get Packed, Get Packed is a steal.

$19.99 nets you this zany co-op title that supports up to four players simultaneously. It also has a single-player campaign mode that you can dive into. Which honestly is recommended. This will give you a way to become more familiar with the game before playing with friends, and give you an edge once you do.


For the more story-oriented fans, Octopath Traveler is all the game you'll need. There's tons of hours of content here and if you're up for that, snag the game at $59.99 on the Stadia store right now. It also fits really well on phones, making it a great on-the-go Stadia title.