Fortnite Is Now Officially On The Play Store

Fortnite AH NS 04

The unthinkable has happened and Fortnite is now available to download directly from the Play Store.

If you're not familiar with Fortnite or its availability on Android since the game launched for the platform, you'd be forgiven for not knowing the details.

But Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has made it pretty clear over the last six months or more that he doesn't exactly jive with the idea of having to pay Google for allowing his game to be listed in Google Play.


Across various forms of social media and through more than a single tweet storm, Sweeney was adamant about the fact that Google charging developers to allow their games in the Play Store is not fair. And that he wanted a pass on paying the fees.

Up until now, the only way to get Fortnite onto your Android device was to download it straight from Epic itself. You could do so through an Epic Games launcher apk file that you had to grab from Epic's Fortnite Mobile landing page. But no longer.

Fortnite is on the Play Store, so did Epic pay the licensing fee?

That's a good question, and not one that is answered easily. There doesn't seem to be any official announcement from Epic about Fortnite arriving on Google Play. At least not yet.

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There's also no mention of the availability from Sweeney. So Epic could have paid the licensing fee that Google normally requires just as easily as Google could have budged and let it slide. Either way the result is the same.

You now have less hoops to jump through if you want to play Fortnite on Android. Because instead of getting the apk from an outside source, you can simply download it from Google Play instead.

There's nothing different about this version

If you're worried about this being any different from the version you'd get from Epic, don't be. It looks to be exactly the same right down to the required version of Android. You need this for proper support.


That version is Android 7.1 and above by the way. The game is also free and has in-game purchases just like the other version did. So everything is business as usual here.

Fortnite is a battle royale game where you face off against a large number of other players in a huge battle arena map. It's a third-person shooter, where you're tasked with being the last person alive by the end of the match.

If you want to give Fortnite a try, you can pick it up from the Google Play button below.