Fitbit May Release 4G-Connected Smartwatch For Kids In 2020

Fitbit Versa 2

A report from engadget states that Fitbit is in the market to create and deliver a smartwatch for kids. More importantly that it will launch the watch at some point this year.

Fitbit has reportedly declined to comment on whether or not there is any truth to these rumors. But a smartwatch for kids would probably be the organic evolution of what Fitbit offers for kids currently.

As of right now parents can pick up the Fitbit Ace 2. A kids tracker that incorporates GPS and a few fitness features. This was a followup from the Fitbit Ace. Fitbit’s first tracker for kids. A smartwatch seems like the next step for it to take.


The Fitbit smartwatch for kids will have 4G

Not only does Fitbit apparently plan to release the watch before the end of 2020, it will also design the watch to have 4G connectivity.

If true, this would be a huge benefit for parents. As it would allow them to reach their kids without the need for them to have smartphones. Some parents may still choose to set their kids up with both.

But some may also feel that their kids may be too young for such a piece of tech. Right now there’s not really many other options for keeping in touch. At least not from Fitbit. This would change that though.


Of course the smartwatch would still need to be connected to a particular mobile provider. So keep an eye out for any of the major carriers offering something of this nature down the line.

The watch may be built with the help of Doki Technologies

Doki Technologies is a Chinese company that made the world’s first smartwatch for kids that could place video calls.

Fitbit acquired Doki Technologies last year. And the report that rumors this upcoming kids smartwatch notes that Fitbit will be using Doki to help make the watch.


Since neither Fitbit nor Doki have confirmed the rumor, it’s still just a rumor for now. There’s nothing that suggests Fitbit would sell this device for kids in every region where its other products are already available.

When and if the watch does launch, it probably won’t be too packed with features. And because of that it would probably result in a product that didn’t really cost too much. The Ace 2 for example is only $70.

A smartwatch with a few more feature probably wouldn’t exceed $150. Time will tell.