Facebook Gaming Standalone App Is Now Live On Android

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming now has a standalone application that can be downloaded onto your Android device.

You can find the app in Google Play, and it looks to offer everything you get from the desktop version of it. Facebook officially announced the app’s arrival on Android via the Facebook Gaming twitter.

If you engage with gaming stuff on Facebook in any sort of way, you definitely should check out the app. It’s likely going to be a nice addition to interacting with the content on the web.


The Facebook Gaming standalone app lets you watch your favorite streamers

As you might expect, the standalone Facebook Gaming app lets you watch your favorite streamers. That is if they stream on Facebook Gaming in the first place.

The app also makes it pretty easy to find and watch the streamers you follow. In the main feed, the streamers you follow are all listed at the very top of the page. Under a following category.

You can easily discover new streamers to watch too. Or, even go live yourself so others can watch you stream and play your favorite game. Whether it’s your favorite of all time or just your favorite game of the moment.


Once you pick a stream to watch you can interact with the streamer and the other users in the community who are watching. If you feel like someone else you know might enjoy watching the stream as well, there’s a share button for that.

Connect and hangout in groups, or play instant games

The other two main features of the app are gaming groups and instant games. Both of which provide their own value to the user.

The gaming groups are a way for you to interact with like-minded individuals who share the same passion and enjoyment for the games that you love too. There’s groups for tons of different games and Facebook says more are being added every single day.


And then there’s the instant games, which should be self explanatory. It’s just a way for you to play the games that you could generally play on the Facebook website. You don’t need to download these games, so you can just hop in anytime you want.