The ecobee Smart Thermostat Hits Its All-Time Lowest Price For Black Friday

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Today, you can buy the ecobee Smart Thermostat for just $199, thanks to the Black Friday sale. That is pretty impressive, and good for $50 off of its regular price.

The ecobee Smart Thermostat is the newest thermostat from the company, instead of using numbers, it’s keeping things simple with its naming now. It does come with a room sensor, which is still something that only ecobee does.

With the room sensor, you can place it elsewhere in your home and it’ll let ecobee know how warm or cool it is in that room. That way it is able to adjust the temperature so your entire home feels warm, instead of just a few rooms being nice and warm with others being cooler. It is a really cool and useful feature that other smart thermostats have yet to copy.


The ecobee Smart Thermostat is able to adjust the temperature of your home from your smartphone and using your voice. So you can use the ecobee app, or you can use your voice. Since there is support for Amazon Alexa here. Which is pretty great to have. In fact, Alexa is built-in, making the ecobee Smart Thermostat like an Echo that is on your wall. So you can ask your thermostat for the weather outside, or to turn off your smart lights.

ecobee Smart Thermostat is a really cool looking thermostat from the company. It’s mostly black with some text that appears when it’s needed. Which makes it look really nice. And it doesn’t look huge and ugly on your wall which is also important.

You can buy the ecobee Smart Thermostat from Amazon or Best Buy, both are offering it for $199.99. Right now, Best Buy is showing faster shipping times, so you may have better luck over there, but you can buy from either retailer by clicking here.


ecobee Smart Thermostat