Dead By Daylight Mobile Is Officially Available On Android

Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight Mobile is now available on Android which means you can now get your hands on some survival horror fun on the go.

Behaviour Interactive announced earlier this year that it would be releasing a mobile version of its hit game on April 16. Things have stayed right on schedule as the game went live on time. In fact it started showing up for some as early as yesterday evening.

With Dead by Daylight Mobile you’re getting very much the same experience with the console and PC versions. There are some differences however as the game still needed to be optimized for gameplay on touchscreens.


Dead by Daylight Mobile is now available

If you’re ready to give Dead by Daylight Mobile a try you can do so right now. Completely free, and with the same experience as you would get on console or PC.

That doesn’t mean the graphics will be exactly the same. While the visuals do look good, they have obviously been turned down to fit mobile devices. There are adjustable graphics settings though. So if you have a more powerful device then you can change things accordingly.

Behaviour Interactive also changed a couple of things to make the game more fitting for a mobile and touchscreen environment. For instance, the game is very sound heavy. But the developers realized that people may not always be able to play with the audio at an optimal level to hear every important sound in the game.


Because of this Behaviour Interactive changed some audio-specific stuff to visual cues instead. This allows the player to see certain things on the screen. For example, a player’s heartbeat shows up on the display when the killer is closer.

Bots can take over for disconnected players

With the nature of mobile internet connectivity, Behaviour Interactive wanted a way to ensure that all players were having as good of an experience as possible.

Sometimes mobile internet disconnects. To prevent this from negatively impacting the game for everyone, bots can take over for players who lose connection until they can get back online.


This gives all other players the capability to continue playing as if no one were disconnected in the first place. A feature which should help keep matches running smoothly.

Dead by Daylight Mobile is a free-to-play game on Android and iOS. It offers micro transactions for certain in-game items but they are completely optional.