Call Of Duty Mobile Gets Huge UI Improvements In Season 6 Update

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 UI 6

Call of Duty Mobile just received its season 6 update and it includes some huge UI improvements. The overall look of the UI is the same. But, there are more subtle UI tweaks that are big quality of life changes.

Ones that all players should appreciate because, it really just makes things easier to interact with.

As soon as you boot up the game for the first time after installing the game update, you may notice some things are missing from the home screen. Everything should look a little less cluttered.


Call of Duty Mobile has a cleaner home screen UI now

While not everything was removed, the main home screen UI in Call of Duty Mobile shifted a couple of things around and removed a couple of others.

The battle pass tier menu has been moved to the right side of the screen along with the ranked season, multiplayer, and battle royale menus. The event button also appears to be a little bit bigger than before.

The carousel pop out menu that used to sit just above the store button is also gone. Likely because it was just redundant information. The inside of the mode menu where you access your loadouts has also slightly changed.

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You will now see persistent buttons for the battle pass and event menus. Even if you don't have anything in either. Before, the battle pass button here would only show up when you had a completed challenge to claim for tier points.

It's now there all the time. So instead of backing out the home screen you can just check it from here. Which should save you some time. The event button is completely new and is always visible as well.

Whenever you do have something to claim in either, you'll see numbers attached to them.


The events screen now has improved organization

If you've spent any amount of time in the events screen you know how disorganized it used to be.

Things are now split up into specific categories. There's one for featured events, one for daily events, and a "more" event menu that includes the friend invite rewards tab, a version update rewards tab, and a tab for the current season info which is is a tappable banner image.

Since everything is split into their own respective categories, things are much easier to find. If you know you're working on a specific event and it's a "featured" event, you can go straight to the featured page. The same thing goes for daily events.


Season 6 is now live and should be there to update for all global players when you boot up the game following today. There are still two days left on the season 5 battle pass though, so some things aren't available yet. Such as the new Annihilator operator skill.

The Rust map is live however, so if you want to get a head start on learning it before tomorrow's World Championship qualifiers begin, now's the time.