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Audible knows that theaters are closed right now, so it is offering up even more titles than usual, for its users to grab for free.

In its Theater List, you can grab nine titles for free. And this is in addition to the title you get every month with Audible. That’s a really great value.

The titles that are included in this Theater List include:

  • Feeding the Dragon
  • Proof of Love
  • Evil Eye
  • Latin History for Morons
  • Nevada-Tan
  • The Half-Life of Marie Curie
  • The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey
  • Sakina’s Restaurant
  • An Act of God

You can add all of these to your library now, and they will remain there. As long as you have an active membership to Audible. It’s definitely worth signing up for. It’s $14.95 per month, which is about the price of a single book. And you even get 30 days free if you’re a new subscriber.

Each month, you can choose a new book to add to your library. And these credits do stack. So if there’s nothing new you want to listen to this month, you can save it and use it next month too.

If you’re working from home right now, Audible is going to be a really good way to keep your mind straight while you’re working. Just pop on a pair of headphones and immerse yourself into a good book. Audible is available on many different platforms. Including Amazon Fire TV, Tablets, Android, iOS, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and of course, Amazon Echo smart speakers or anything that has Alexa built-in. You can ask Alexa to start playing a book from your library on your smart speaker in your home. Which is really cool.


You can sign up for Audible today by clicking here. You will get a free 30 day trial and then it is $14.95 per month after.

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