April Update Improves Flex Mode For The Galaxy Z Flip Camera

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip AM AH 18

The Galaxy Z Flip’s Flex mode is one of the most useful features of the new Samsung foldable. The company is now rolling out a software update to make this feature even more useful.

The Galaxy Z Flip is receiving a new software update that improves the Flex mode functionality in the Camera app.

You can now shift the camera viewfinder preview to the bottom half of the screen when the device is in Flex mode. This will allow you to take “dramatic low-angle action videos to vibrant top-down food photos.”


The update is currently rolling out with firmware version F700FXXU1ATD6 in Italy and F700NTBU1ATD6 in South Korea. It should be making its way to other markets soon. This update also packs the April 2020 Android security patch. The changelog also mentions touch screen stability improvement.

Galaxy Z Flip Flex mode

The Flex mode in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip allows you to use the device at multiple angles. When the device is free-standing, it automatically splits the display into two four-inch screens. Content is displayed on the top half, with controls on the bottom half.

This makes it possible to use the device as its own tripod during video calls or while capturing photos. This feature also works in several native apps, such as Gallery.


When viewing photos and videos in the Gallery, the content is displayed on top. The bottom half acts as a touchpad through which you can zoom in and out on photos or control the video playback.

Samsung is now enhancing this functionality for the Camera app by allowing you to flip the viewfinder screen and controls screen around. Post the update, you can move the camera viewfinder preview to the bottom half of the screen with just a double tap on the screen.

Since the Galaxy Z Flip’s camera setup is at the top, you can then adjust the angle of your shot by setting the top half at any angle you like.


With the viewfinder at the bottom half, you can easily keep an eye on the framing of the shot while you adjust the angle. Something you can do with the tilt screen displays found in DSLR cameras.

The new software update for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is now rolling out over the air (OTA). You will get a notification once the update is available for your Z Flip unit. You can also check for updates manually from the Software update menu in your phone’s Settings app.