Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1 Lands With A Ton Of Bug Fixes


Google has just released it's second dot update for a developer preview on Android 11. This time around it's Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1, and as expected, it does bring a lot of bug fixes.

It's not common for Google to release an update for the Developer preview in the middle of two previews. Especially given the fact that this is still an alpha build, and not even a beta just yet. But this is now the second time that Google has done this with Android 11 previews. that shows you that there are still plenty of issues that need to be fixed in Android 11. And that it is nowhere near ready for primetime.

These are all of the bug fixes that are fixed in Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1

These are the bug fixes that Google listed in the changelog for this update to developer preview 2:


Fixed an issue where a crash would occur when long pressing to select an element within the recent apps overview.

Fixed an issue where the status bar could crash in the background if its components weren't all initialized yet.

Fixed an issue where too many WindowTokens were created by SystemUI causing jankiness and dropped frames when navigating and scrolling apps.


Fixed an issue where the Wear OS app could crash when trying to pair a Wear OS device.

Fixed an issue where the Settings app could crash after tapping the search bar in the app.

The update should start rolling out soon

The Android 11 Developer Preview 2.1 update should start rolling out in the next few hours. Typically these updates to developer previews do roll out pretty quickly. And that's mostly because the update is very critical.


Those of you that are on the developer preview should be able to jump into the settings. Then tap on About Phone, and then Check for System Update.

Don't expect to see any new features coming in this version of Android 11. This is solely a bug fixing update. And that means that it's not going to be a huge update. Likely under 100MB in size. And we can still expect for Google to roll out the third developer preview in a few weeks – later this month. Which should hopefully be the last developer preview before it opens up the Android Beta Program. Normally Google does that at Google I/O with the third or fourth beta. But since Google I/O is canceled this year, it's tough to say when that might actually happen.