Amazon Prime Day 2020 Likely Delayed Until August

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While Amazon hasn’t yet made it official, it appears that Prime Day 2020 is going to be delayed a few weeks.

This should come as no surprise, as just about everything else has either been postponed or outright canceled. And it looks like Prime Day is going to be the next one to get that treatment.

Now, earlier this week, we heard that Amazon was still planning the mid-July Prime Day event. But on Friday, Reuters reported that Amazon is thinking about postponing it doe to the global pandemic. It’s going to be delayed until August, if that report is accurate. Which is a few weeks later than usual, but still in the summer time, where Prime Day belongs.


What happens if Prime Day is delayed?

Nothing really. Prime Day being delayed doesn’t really mean a whole lot. Considering the whole world is currently in a recession due these health concerns right now. It’s unlikely that many of us are going to have extra money to spend on things on Prime Day.

Amazon knows this, and says that it might have to eat the cost of around $100 million to discount its devices low enough for people to buy them. That’s a cost that Amazon can easily handle though.

Prime Day typically has a whole bunch of great deals on just about everything. Amazon wants it to be its own Black Friday, but in the summer. And it’s done a good job of making that a reality. Discounting TVs, gaming laptops, smartphones, toilet paper, and everything in between.


However, because of the pandemic, Amazon has struggled to keep its employees working. And it has also struggled to keep its virtual shelves stocked. A lot of items on its website are out of stock, or due to ship weeks if not months from now. Which is likely the bigger issue here in why Prime Day is likely to get delayed this year.

It actually might be a good idea to just cancel it this year and start it up again next year. After all, millions of Americans are out of work right now and it’ll be months before they are back to where they were.

It’s unclear whether Amazon will actually announce that Prime Day is delayed. But if they do, it’ll likely be closer to June or July when that announcement is made. Amazon typically announces Prime Day dates around the end of June.