Amazon Plans To Launch A Shooter Game Called 'Crucible' In May

Crucible Relentless Studios

Amazon is preparing to dive head first into the video game industry in the near future with a shooter game called Crucible.

The game will be essentially a free-for-all, and will be inspired by elements of MOBA games like League of Legends and Dota 2. In an aim to bring something different to the shooter genre that adds a level of strategic gameplay that isn’t very common.

Crucible will be out next month, provided things continue to stay on schedule. It, (along with New World which is a fantasy-based MMO set in the 17th century), was supposed to be released in March, and was then pushed back to mid-April.


Both have since been pushed back again to May due to the complications of the viral outbreak over the last few months.

Amazon redesigned Crucible many times to make it the shooter game it is now

Game development can and usually does take a long time. Crucible seems to be a perfect example of that.

Amazon started development on Crucible back in 2014. It has since taken the shooter game through numerous iterations to turn it into what it is now. Bringing it to six years of development.


This is all to introduce something new to the gaming market. In hopes of capturing player interest and the interest of those who enjoy watching competitive online games.

And Amazon does want Crucible to be competitive. Extensively so it seems. Amazon doesn’t have much information about Crucible on its games portal website. There’s a brief description though.

It states that Crucible will have you facing off against other players in a last one standing style match. Players can forge alliances on the fly and will need to use a mix of combat skill and “social finesse” to succeed.


The next step is launching interactive games on Twitch

For now, Amazon is focused on shipping Crucible and New World. Two games which it has invested boat loads of money and time into.

After those two games hit the market though, Amazon is turning its eye to Twitch. It plans to launch interactive games at some point during the Summer time. The company hasn’t elaborated on what these interactive games would be.

They may however seemingly tie into games that players are streaming on the Twitch platform. According to Amazon’s Vice President for Game Services and Studios Mike Frazzini, players, streamers, and viewers will be able to “share in a synchronous interactive environment on Twitch.


Basically, streamers and viewers will be able to play these new interactive games alongside each other in real-time. Making for a new sort of experience that only Twitch will be offering.