Add Some Modern Class To Your Pixel Buds With These Leather Cases

Pixel Buds leather cases 1

Google officially put its new Pixel Buds up for sale starting today and you can already buy accessories to compliment them, like these leather cases from Nomad.

The cases are slim and sleek and fit over the top of the dual section case. One slips over the top lid and the other neatly fits nice and snug on the bottom housing where all the charging tech is.

Not only do these cases help keep your Pixel Buds charging case better protected, they also add a touch of modern class to the product. You can pick them up from the Google Store or from Nomad too. Meaning you can keep everything in one order and just grab them from Google if you were planning on snagging the earbuds.


The Pixel Buds leather cases come in three color options

The Pixel Buds charging case comes in White no matter which color of the buds you pick. But you can still add some color to the whole affair with the Pixel Buds leather cases from Nomad. Which come in three different color options.

You can grab the Brown case pictured above from Nomad. The cases also come in Black and Blue. The Brown is specific to Nomad, where both it and the Google Store will sell the Black. The Google Store will be the exclusive seller of the Blue case.

Both of those other colors can be seen below. Each case is also made with Horween leather so they should keep pretty well for a long period of time. As long as you take care of your tech.

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The cases retail for $35

The Pixel Buds aren't the most expensive true wireless earbuds option out there. They aren't the least expensive either. At $179 you're paying a pretty penny to get Google's special earbuds features.

That price bumps up to $214 when you factor in the Nomad cases which retail for $35 ($34.95 exactly).

Still, it's a small investment to be made if you want to protect the charging case. Not to mention it makes the case more stylish. You can still charge the Pixel Buds case wirelessly with the Nomad case over the top, too. So you don't have to give up that very useful feature.


If you wanted to grab one of these rugged cases for yourself, they're live on both Nomad's site and on the Google Store right now and none of the colors appear to be out of stock at the time of writing.