Acquire Easy Silver In Black Desert Mobile With The New Trading System

Black Desert Mobile Merchantry

Black Desert Mobile is continuing strong in 2020 with yet another patch update and this one includes a new way to make silver more easily.

It's a new trading system called merchantry, and it's live in the game now for players to check out. Like many of the game's newly added pieces of content over the last few patches, merchantry isn't something you can dive into immediately.

There are a few requirements to getting things up and going. But, once you have those all lined up you can begin trading in Black Desert Mobile for silver and other rewards.


Use the new Black Desert Mobile trading system to earn large amounts of silver

Ready to make more silver than you know what to deal with? Sure you are. So let's get to it.

Before you can begin with that though there are a few things to know about the merchantry system. First and foremost, you can't even access it until you defeat Hexe Marie.

Once that's over with, you can enter the merchantry system from the menu inside of the game. You will also need a few other things if you're going to start trading.

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You'll need a couple of horses in your stable. You need at least two in there to start, but you can have more. You will also need a horse to pull your wagon which is needed to travel between the different towns. Allowing you to engage in trade with the various products of the different areas.

Of course you also need a wagon to carry the goods you're attempting to trade. Lastly you need to build a trading post in your camp before you can begin using merchantry.

A tournament for Season 2 of the Ramoness arena is here for high-level players

Players looking to dive deep into more PvP content now have the Ramoness Arena's second season tournament to content with.


This is designed for high-level players, so you might want to avoid it if you're just starting out in the game. Once you have a little time under your belt adventuring though, jump in and give it a go. Because you can snag some pretty nice rewards.

More importantly, this is a limited time event so it won't be sticking around forever. It's a world championship tournament so expect there to be loads of players who are at their best vying for victory. In this PvP tournament mode you will team up with two other adventurers and face off against another team of three. You need to register to participate, and registration opens today.