YouTube Finally Brings Subscriptions Filtering By Channel To Android

YouTube Subscription filtering AH 2020

Android YouTube users will finally have access to a feature allowing more intuitive filtering of users’ Subscriptions page by channel. The change, spotted by 9to5Google, is subtle and centers around the top carousel found in the Subscriptions tab in the app. That’s the segment of the UI that lets users select a channel for viewing its videos.

Now, that Subscription feed allows users to select a channel and have that channels video’s brought to the forefront. The selected channel is highlighted and the videos shown are only from that channel. Other channels are still shown in the carousel. That wasn’t previously the case, requiring extra taps to get back to the list.

YouTube has also added a “View channel” link at the top-right, just below the carousel. That takes users to the profile page for the channel that’s been selected.


YouTube isn’t just making these minor changes though

Now, changes to how YouTube handles channel filtering in Subscriptions aren’t the only ones YouTube has been making. They’re also arriving a bit late since they landed on iOS way back in May of last year. Apple’s users have the additional benefit of sorting by “Today,” “Continue Watching,” “Unwatched,” and “Live” as well. Android users won’t likely see that feature for some time.

The scheduling isn’t wholly unexpected, give the number of widespread app changes the Google-owned company has been undertaking.

Aside from recent alterations to the entire UI of the YouTube Music app, intended to make controlling playback and other features easier, the company has also been combatting conspiracy theories.


The former change brings forward all of the buttons and interactive elements rather than tucking them behind taps on other UI. That’s a bit more cluttered than the previous look but should make things easier to find. The latter effort addressing conspiracy theories has been accented by success to a certain extent. Particularly where easily debunked claims such as flat earth and 9/11 conspiracies are concerned.

Other conspiracies, relating to topics from alien influence in human history to climate change denial have gone unchecked. So YouTube has its hands full and it’s not overly surprising that it hasn’t gotten around to relatively minor changes in its primary app just yet.

None of that necessarily excuses YouTube for taking so long on the Subscriptions page channel filtering feature. But the company has plenty of changes in other apps and pressing issues to address.


Getting started with the new feature

As might be expected, getting started with the YouTube Subscriptions channel filtering doesn’t really require any extra effort from users. Instead, it appears to be rolling out across every Android device via an update landing in the Google Play Store. There aren’t any settings to adjust or toggles to flip.

Instead, users just need to navigate to the Subscriptions tab, found on the bottom bar of the YouTube app UI. From there, YouTube will present users with a blue pop-out cue indicating that reads “New! Tap to filter by channel.”

Then, it’s just a matter of scrolling through subscribed channels and selecting one.