Your Brief Guide To Virtual Phones For Small Businesses

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Different devices are becoming more advanced and modern as technology advances over time. One such tool is the telephone. We all know the importance of this device in our day to day life. Previously, we were all bound to speaking over the phone with our loved ones and business associates using a landline phone. Now, we have access to IP or VoIP phones. These phones are especially important for companies. If you have a small business, then opt for the best small business virtual phone system to ease the communication between your staff and clientele.

What is a Virtual Phone Service?

A virtual business line is a cloud-based one. All you need is a stable broadband internet connection to make calls to make calls from your laptop or your mobile phone. One of the most significant advantages to start-up and small businesses is that such phone lines are very economical and require no expensive installation or hardware.


Let’s take a look at several benefits of have a virtual phone line for small businesses:

Saves Money

Small businesses need to be more cautious about spending money, and thus a virtual phone line, as we mentioned above, will help companies to do so. Unlike the traditional landline where you are charged for the overseas calls, access to the internet is all you need to make calls abroad.

Make Calls Anywhere

With conventional phone lines, you need to be seated in one place to make calls; receiving calls on your cell phone is out of the question. With IP or VoIP phones, business officials are granted freedom since they can make calls using their cellphones.


Simple and Easy

VoIP systems are as simple as ‘plug and play.’ Unlike conventional phones, VoIP systems don’t require an installer to come to your workplace and stall anything. All you need to do is ‘plug and play.’ This means there are no installation costs as well.

Myriad of Features

We all know that traditional phone lines don’t offer many features, but VoIP phones do. One significant feature that businesses can make use of call conferencing. Another great feature is call forwarding, customizable voicemail, call attendant, and DND (Do Not Disturb).

Get Any Number

With a landline phone, your business would need to get a phone number that is precise about the locality your business is located. However, with a VoIP phone, you can get a number that belongs to any country on the globe. This is great if you are based overseas and wish for a number that of an accessible location. Moreover, many people can share the same number and get a personal extension number.


Professional Appearance

Every business now is switching over to IP phones, especially in first world countries. Why put your company’s image on stake? Emulate these companies and rid your small business of exorbitant costs by getting a virtual phone line for your business now. This will make your business appear more professional and up to date too.


Communication is the crux of any business; without an efficient mode of communication, how would it be possible for any business, big or small, to succeed in such a competitive world as today? Therefore, companies need to start switching over to virtual phone service. This is especially important for small businesses as it would greatly help them to save money. New businesses usually don’t have a large budget, so they need to be warier of the amount they are spending in their embryonic stage. Moreover, VoIP phones are not only cost-effective but provide a range of benefits to all kinds of businesses.