You Can Now Pick Up The Stadia Premiere Bundle At A $30 Discount


Google has put up the Premiere Bundle for Stadia at a discount and you can now snag it for $30 off.

So instead of paying the $129 you'll pay $99 instead. That savings of $30 could easily be put towards a new game. And wouldn't you know it two major games just launched on the platform this week. Making this perfect timing on Google's part.

Those games are The Division 2 and DOOM Eternal, which were released on March 17 and March 20 respectively. While it works out in the favor of those looking to pick up The Division 2, it's more likely that Google timed this discount for the Stadia Premiere bundle to match up with DOOM Eternal instead.


This is Google's first discount on the Stadia Premiere bundle

Google has never discounted the bundles for Stadia before. So this marks an important shift for Google with the platform. As it could mean that Google will look to offer discounts on bundles again the future.

It's an attempt to bring in new subscribers and one of a few different methods that Google has implemented thus far. While it has never discounted the bundles before today, it has on one occasion given them out for free.

During the Game Awards it gave codes picking up the bundle to attendees of the theater showings. Some ISP providers like Verizon have also given away the bundle for free for customers who sign up for service.


While the discount is a good idea for enticing prospective buyers, whether or not it's worth it to some who have been on the fence will be dependent on multiple factors. Like game availability.

Stadia still has a very small library

One of Google's biggest issues when it comes to Stadia has been game availability. It still has a pretty small library, offering just 35 games now that DOOM Eternal is out after it's release across platforms today.

This isn't an issue for everybody. But it would be naive to think that some users aren't hopping on board because there just isn't a big enough library to make the investment worth it for them.


This is going to change over time. And Stadia has only been out for around four months now. So you can make the argument that it's still a fresh service and it just needs a little more time to round out.

Google has stated that it will be launching 120 games on Stadia this year. Including some timed exclusives. It's now March 20 though so it's almost three months into the year and only a very small fraction of that 120 have arrived.

So gamers are likely to be looking at a larger portion of those releases towards the middle and end of the year. The good news is that DOOM Eternal is a major release and will probably be one of Stadia's best games of 2020. Hopefully that will hold players over for a while.