You Can Grab Destiny 2 At A Discount On Stadia Outside Of Pro


If you have Stadia but are no longer part of the Pro membership, you can grab Destiny 2 at a discount right now thanks to a promotion.

Of course the game is still free to play if your Pro membership is still intact. If that isn't the case, and you still want to play Destiny 2 on Stadia then you may want to pick up the game content as soon as possible

Because the discount won't last too long. If you want to play the current and past content, you will also need to get both the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions. Shadowkeep includes the most recent season, Season of The Worthy.


In fact that's the reason the game has been put on sale. To celebrate the new season and to hopefully get players back into the game.

Destiny 2 on Stadia is now available at a 33-percent discount

Picking up both packages for the game won't be cheap. It is however less expensive than it would be normally.

Each content pack is available at a 33-percent discount. Which brings the Forsaken pack down to $16.74. The normal cost is $24.99. Shadowkeep meanwhile is down to $23.44, and it's normal price is $34.99.


Of course if you're going to want both expansions, then you're better off getting the Ultimate Edition upgrade bundle which comes with both. This is on sale for $37.49 and it's normally $50.

The sale price on the Ultimate Edition is also cheaper than buying both expansions separately at their discount prices.

The sale ends on March 16

If you want to grab the games then you will want to do it quick because the sale ends in a week.


The discounts went live yesterday, and they continue through till March 16 so there is exactly six days left to snag the deal if you include today.

Once you buy the expansions you can also continue to play through any of the content that they include with just your Base membership. As you would be able to do with any other game you purchased.

While this sale outside of Pro discounts is likely just for the launch of Destiny 2's new season, there's a chance Google could offer other sales outside of Pro in the future. And if it does, that's a good turn of events for Base users.


As it means they may get thrown a bone once in a while. Google made it pretty clear that you would generally need to be a Pro member to get game discounts. So maybe it's decided to sometimes offer sales to non-Pro members.