Xiaomi Trumps Huawei, Becomes World's Third-Largest Smartphone OEM

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Xiaomi has managed to become the world’s third-largest smartphone manufacturer, as it jumped over Huawei. This information comes from Strategy Analytics, a market research company.

This information was not published by the company directly, but it has been published by a well-known Chinese publication. The information has been shared in the form of a chart, which shows some interesting numbers.

In this chart, you can see monthly shipments from the top six smartphone manufacturers, on a global scale. You can check out shipments for October, November, and December last year. In addition to that, shipments for the fourth quarter of last year are also here, and shipments for the whole of 2019.


That’s not all, though, as you can see, shipments for January and February 2020 are also included. That being said, Samsung is still leading the pack, and it is followed by Apple.

Xiaomi became the world’s third-largest smartphone OEM in January by trumping Huawei

As mentioned in the title, Xiaomi has managed to become the third-largest smartphone OEM, by trumping Huawei. Huawei is now the fourth-placed smartphone OEM, as it is positioned above OPPO and Vivo.

Huawei sold more devices in October, November, December, and January, but things changed in February, it seems. Xiaomi managed to sell 6 million handsets in February, while Huawei sold 5.5 million.


In that very same month, Samsung managed to move 18.2 million devices, while Apple sold 10.2 million. So, there’s quite the gap between the two leading companies as well. OPPO and Vivo sold 4 and 3.6 million, respectively.

In January, things were a bit different. Huawei managed to sell 12.2 million handsets, while Xiaomi trailed with 10 million. As you can see, those numbers are considerably lower in February, and Coronavirus is to blame, for sure.

Samsung managed to sell 20.1 million devices in January, while Apple stood at 16 million. OPPO and Vivo sold 8.1 and 7.3 million handsets, respectively.


In 2019, Huawei was the second-largest smartphone manufacturer

Now, if we take a look at 2019 as a whole, Huawei was much more successful than both Apple and Xiaomi, and held the second place overall. The company managed to sell 240.6 million devices, while Apple and Xiaomi trailed with 197.4 and 124.8 million, respectively.

Samsung was the number one smartphone manufacturer in 2019 as well, as it sold 295.1 million smartphones, according to Strategy Analytics. That is not surprising, though.

It remains to be seen what will happen in the coming months. Coronavirus pandemic is still a considerable global problem, and it is affecting everyone, smartphone OEMs are not an exception.


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