Xiaomi Mi 10 Explorer Edition With Transparent Glass Appears


The Xiaomi Mi 10 Explorer Edition with transparent glass has just surfaced online. Images of the device have been shared by a Chinese blog 'MyDrivers'.

The source claims that these images have been provided by Xiaomi's marketing department. It does not say whether the phone will be released or not, but it probably will at some point.

Real internals may be shown through that transparent glass on the Xiaomi Mi 10

Xiaomi had released both the Mi 8 and Mi 9 with transparent glass on the back, so the same will happen with the Xiaomi Mi 10, most probably. This time around, the phone's actual internals may be shown.


With the transparent Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 9, the company used stickers underneath the transparent glass. The company did that so that the internals look more eye-catching. Well, that may not be the case with the Mi 10.

The source notes that this time around, Xiaomi will not include a sticker. If you take a look at the images provided in the gallery, you'll see the phone's wireless charging coil, and graphite-based motherboard shield.

Those are the components you'd expect to be located right underneath the glass. In previous editions of the Explorer Edition phones, the company just wanted things to look nice, not realistic.


That huge 'Xiaomi' branding will not be included in the retail model

That huge 'Xiaomi' branding on the back will not be a part of the retail unit, if it ever arrives. The same goes for writing below it. Xiaomi may include its logo, but it will be much smaller.

Other than the transparent back, this phone will offer the same specs as its sibling without a transparent back. It may ship with more RAM and / or storage, or something of the sort, but other than that, it will be the same.

That being said, you can expect the device to sport a display camera hole on the front. That hole will be located in the top-left corner. Other than that, the phone's bezels will be almost non-existent.


The device will include a curved display, and four cameras on the back, as you can see in the provided images. The device will also incorporate an in-display fingerprint scanner.

The Snapdragon 865 will fuel this smartphone, while the device will probably include 12GB of RAM. Android 10 will come pre-installed on it, along with MIUI 11 skin.

Wireless charging will be supported, you can expect 30W wireless charging here. Xiaomi will probably include 50W wired charging as well, and 5W reverse wireless charging.