Windows 10 Insider Update Brings RCS Support To Some Samsung Devices

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This week’s Windows Insider “Fast Ring” update came jam packed with surprise features that users have have been wanting. Windows 10 Insiders now have access to copy, paste, and RCS messaging between Windows and select Samsung phones.

Members will also have access to the new “black screen” function. This will allow users to essentially turn their screens black, which optimizes battery usage and privacy. Once activated, the screen will turn black when connected to your computer.

To end the session simply disconnect from the associated computer. Some other options are to disable ‘black screen’, activate Bixby, or by swiping the screen or touching the power button.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 series & Z Flip get RCS support via this Windows update

Currently, the only devices supporting the new features that this Windows update brought, including RCS, are the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series and the Galaxy Z Flip.

This is building off of the relationship that Microsoft and Samsung announced late last summer. Microsoft further states that it is only available in select markets so there may be some geographical restrictions to these features.

The copy and paste functions between devices is simple enough to use. Simply activate in Your Phone and you will be able to copy and paste features between devices with ease. Microsoft has left intact the beloved ctrl-c and ctrl-v commands on PC and touch and hold on your mobile. This surely will make operation of the new tools a breeze for many users.


Additionally, Microsoft has also activated RCS Messaging on only the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series. The only catch is the Samsung Messages app must be the default SMS app on the phone. Users can see the statuses of their messages marked as read, provided they have an RCS capable carrier.

Windows Insider Program

Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program is essentially an open group that nearly anybody can join to test new features. Not all new features make the final release, but some do see the light of day. The program consists of a few ‘rings’. The ‘Release Preview’ ring has early access to near release quality updates, pretty stable.

The ‘Slow Ring’ comes with a preview of features and early access to the next update and is relatively stable. The ‘Fast Ring’ is for those that love bleeding edge. It’s very buggy and not very stable.


Updates that are in the ‘Fast Ring’, like this one, sometimes never make it to the ‘Slow Ring’. However, odds are that due to the partnership between the two, this will continue development.

Ultimately, while these new features are great, they reach a very limited group. Even if released, having only Galaxy S20 users is a small group of people capable of using the new features. Granted, for initial beta testing, a smaller group is usually better.

The hope is that Microsoft and Samsung release these features with a future update and for more compatibility.


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