Vive Will Sell A Standalone Comos Elite Headset Soon

Vive Cosmos Elite

Vive is getting ready to unleash a new duo of VR options for gamers soon, which includes a standalone version of the Cosmos Elite headset and the External Tracking Faceplate.

Vive does note that the standalone Cosmos Elite option will be available in the coming weeks and even lays out the launch day for both it and the faceplate.

If you’re looking to pickup the Cosmos Elite headset-only option, it’ll set you back $549. But compared to the whole package which is $899 and comes with the base stations and controllers you may not need, that’s not bad.


Meanwhile the External Tracking Faceplate when it launches will retail for $199.

The standalone Cosmos Elite headset will launch on May 1

For the US consumers, the Vive Cosmos Elite headset-only option will be available a bit later than some countries.

It’s officially on sale on May 1, but pre-orders will be open on April 1 so you can at least get the order in. May 1 is also when you can probably expect the headset to arrive on your doorstep.


If you’re looking the External Tracking Faceplate, it’s launching on the same day for the US. There will not be any pre-order options though. It’ll simply go on sale in the US on May 1 and then you can buy it and have it shipped right away once the order has processed.

It goes without saying, but the standalone model is an upgrade option for those who already have an older Vive headset with a pair of controllers and base stations. If you don’t have these, you’d want the regular option that costs $899.

Both purchases come with a free copy of Half-Life: Alyx

What better way to test out that new headset or faceplate than with VR’s hottest new game – Half Life: Alyx.


You don’t even have to buy the game as picking up the External Tracking Faceplate or the Cosmos Elite will come with a free download for Valve’s latest game.

Not all consumers will get a free copy of the game though. Vive doesn’t list which countries aren’t supported, but it does state that not all regions will have the redemption code.

Getting Half-Life: Alyx for free is also a limited time thing only. So if you want to save a few bucks while you’re thinking about picking up your new VR hardware, you better do it as soon as you can to score the download.


This will be included in the box when you buy. So you won’t have to wait for an email to be sent out. Once you get your headset or faceplate, open the box, grab the code, plug it in and begin playing. It’s that simple.