Unreleased Essential PH-2 & PH-3 Shown Off By Former Designer


The unreleased Essential PH-2 & PH-3 have been shown off by the company’s former designer. As most of you know by now, Essential recently closed its doors, and thus stopped developing several phones that were in its plans.

We knew that Essential was working on the ‘Project Gem’ smartphone. That really tall and narrow smartphone that looks like a TV remote with a touchscreen. Well, it seems like that was not the only device that the company was developing.

Both the Essential PH-2 and PH-3 designs have been revealed

The company’s former designer has shared the in-development designs of the Essential PH-2 & PH-3. The designer's name is Kevin Hoffman, and since sharing this info, he locked the content.


All that information already leaked online, though. Let’s kick things off with the Essential PH-2, shall we. That handset keeps the same basic rear design to the Essential PH-1, as you can see in the images provided below.

It has two cameras on the back, and magnetic pin attachments. On top of that, a fingerprint scanner is included here as well. The phone is flat on the back, and all of its physical keys are placed on the right.

The front of the device looks really similar to the PH-1 as well. It includes a rather noticeable chin, and a dewdrop display notch. It’s also worth noting that this phone was supposed to be IP68 certified, unlike the PH-1.


Mr. Hoffman said that the PH-2 was killed off during its second round of EVT testing. In other words, this phone was really close to being launched. Andy Rubin essentially decided to pull the plug in favor of the Essential Home product line, which never made it to the market.

The Essential PH-3 was still in the works earlier this year

Now, in terms of the Essential PH-3, that phone was still in the works early this year. The phone was decided to have a low BOM (build-of-material) cost. That suggests that Essential was aiming for a lower price tag.

The phone was supposed to use an OLED display, and bead-blasted machined aluminum for the entire body of the device. It was supposed to have three cameras on the back, and those three cameras would protrude a bit.


That phone was supposed to have a considerably thinner ‘chin’ below the display, and a smaller dewdrop notch. Its bezels were supposed to be considerably thinner than the ones on the PH-1 and PH-2.

The Essential PH-3 was canceled alongside the ‘Project GEM’ smartphone last month. That is when Essential decided to close its doors, in February 2020. The Essential PH-3 was still in early development, by the way.

Considering the low sales numbers of the Essential PH-1, and Andy Rubin’s struggles, it’s not exactly surprising that Essential closed its doors. Still, it’s a shame none of these products made it to the market.