Ubisoft's The Crew 2 Launches On Stadia On March 25

The Crew 2

Earlier this afternoon an official announcement from the Stadia team was released noting that The Crew 2 would be launching on the platform soon.

And sooner than you might think. It will officially launch on Stadia on March 25. Followed by one more game a month later.

It's also preceded by two other games the week before. Both DOOM Eternal and The Division 2 are launching next week. With The Division 2 coming to the platform first on March 17. Which is next Tuesday.


That version of the game will also come alongside the Warlords of New York Expansion. So Stadia players will have access to the same content PC and console players have. As that expansion just launched on those platforms on March 3.

It comes with the cross-play feature too so players can link up with those playing on PC. Then there's DOOM Eternal which launches on Stadia on March 2o and will be available to play at 12:01am EST/9:01pm PST.

The Crew 2 on Stadia should have all content

Since this game launched for PC and consoles in 2018, the Stadia version should have all the content that's already out there.

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The Stadia announcement doesn't mention as such, but it would be an odd move to release a game that is almost two years old and not offer any and all DLC that may be available.

That being said if it is available it will still probably cost additional money for those add-ons. Furthermore there's no price mentioned for The Crew 2 on Stadia yet. Though it will likely end up being at least $40, and probably $60.

If you're looking for something a little more lighthearted than The Crew 2, you're in luck because Ubisoft has one more game coming to Stadia in the near future.


Monopoly lands on April 28

Monopoly is a family favorite board game that is more than likely familiar to everyone. It's been a staple in household game time for decades and now it's coming to Stadia.

Need a decent party game that includes multiple players? Monopoly is going to be a good option at the end of April. That is still more than a month and a half away, but it's not that far in the grand scheme of things.

Not to mention Stadia players will have more than a few new games to fill up their time with until then. There isn't a price point that's listed for Monopoly either, but it shouldn't cost more than $30 due to the nature of the game.