Uber Pool Gets Suspended During Coronavirus Pandemic

Uber AH NS 04

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Uber has decided to suspend its carpooling service – Uber Pool.

Currently, it is suspended in the US and in Canada. And this is in response of trying to flatten the curve of spreading COVID-19 in cities and communities that it serves.

Uber is still thinking about suspending the service in other countries and regions that it serves, but for now it’s just North America.


Suspending Uber Pool is the best way to practice “Social Distancing”

WHO, the CDC and other health agencies are really promoting “social distancing” and wanting people to stay at least six feet away from each other. To prevent the spreading of this disease.

And with Uber Pool, that just isn’t possible. Uber Pool matches up to three people per Uber to go to different places. And where the majority of the Uber Pool vehicles are sedans, that means not only will riders be within six feet of each other, but they are going to be actually touching each other. That’s definitely not good during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This news, while unfortunate for those that use Uber Pool, is likely going to come as good news for those that do use Uber. Both riders and drivers. As Uber is doing what it can to protect its riders and drivers, amid this pandemic. It has already started suspending driver accounts that have been infected with COVID-19.


Uber has also extended more paid sick leave to drivers

Uber has also decided to give its drivers more paid sick leave. Allowing them to stay home if they need too, to help keep the virus from spreading to more people. Since the Coronavirus is very contagious, this is a very important thing for Uber to do. And a bit surprising, considering Uber uses independent contractors, and they don’t normally get paid sick leave.

In San Francisco, some Ubers are able to be on the road, but for the most part the entire Bay Area is shut down for the next three weeks. Which is pretty insane when you think about it. Uber’s other services are still operational for now, in other markets around the country. Including Uber X, Uber Black and Uber Eats. 

However, given how quickly Coronavirus is spreading this could change very quickly. Many things are changing by the hour right now, and will only get worse, as our freedom continues to get taken away.