This Is The Design For The Fitbit Charge 4


The Fitbit Charge 4 design has leaked today, showing off two of the four colors that are supposed to be available for the tracker once it launches.

The images show the Black and Rosewood models. While the Black has been a common option across many of Fitbit's trackers, Rosewood is a new one. At least by name.

It actually looks fairly similar to some of the colors of past trackers, just with a different name. This one in particular does look a bit deeper in hue though.


The Fitbit Charge 4 design hasn't changed much from the Charge 3

If it ain't broke don't fix it. That's exactly the mantra that Fitbit is going by with the design of the new Charge tracker.

The design as a whole hasn't really changed much from the Charge 3. If at all. And really, why should it if the design has worked for Fitbit so far?

Granted, Fitbit has likely made some minor adjustments to improve the overall design without changing the actual look. Making it more of a quality of life improvement than a design change.


Prior to these leaked images, a new tracker showed up at the FCC just yesterday. At the time it was suspected of possibly being the Charge 4. But there was no confirmation of whether or not that was the case.

It now seems that it was indeed the Charge 4 tracker. And following these leaked images Fitbit appears to be mostly done with development and could be moving towards and announcement and launch in the near future.

The tracker will likely cost below $150

Yesterday UK pricing for the Charge 4 leaked, stating that it was around £139. That suggests that the tracker will be around the same cost in the US.


A straight conversion would put that price at around $160, but that's a bit more than what Fitbit has charged for this tracker on past models. More likely, the Fitbit Charge 4 in the US will be around $140 or $150.

Which isn't bad and is along the lines of cost compared to similar trackers. Both from Fitbit and other brands. In addition to the two colors shown in the images, Fitbit is supposed to release two more colors of the Charge 4. Storm Blue/Black, and Granite Special Edition.

There's no word though if those will launch at the same time as these two colors. Or when the Charge 4 itself will launch for that matter. If you liked the look of the Charge 3 and never pulled the trigger, the Charge 4 might be worth considering.