THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR Gets 'False Halloween' Update


If you've been enjoying THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR and missed out on some of the Samurai Shodown events, a new event called False Halloween is available in-game today.

The new event was added this morning as part of an update that was pushed out. It includes various events throughout the rest of the month and through the first week of April.

Everything kicks off today so if you haven't updated or booted up the game yet, you should. Once you do so then all the new content should be visible and ready to interact with.


THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR 'False Halloween' ends on April 6

While things kick off today, the entire event ends on April 6. So you will have around three weeks to do anything related to it.

The events center mainly around playable characters, but there are some in-game items to be acquired as well. There are three False Halloween events to look forward to throughout this time, including the Halloween Cake Guard Dungeon.

There is also the False Halloween Super Mission and the False Halloween Attendance. The latter is likely your daily login attendance where you will get themed stuff from this event each day that you play.


That being said, even if you don't devote more than a few minutes to game time, logging in each day for the attendance will still be worth it. As far as specific items, the event in total will give players the chance to acquire Halloween Night themed fighters, as well as rubies and souls.

There are other events in this update

In addition to the False Halloween content there are other events taking place at the same time.

All of these will last until April 6. The same day False Halloween ends. But not all of them will start at the same time though. For example, Pumpkin Head Dungeon doesn't open up until March 24, which is next week Tuesday.


In this dungeon players will be able to pick up gold, rubies, and fighter affinity if they defeat the Pumpkin Head boss that lies in wait at the end of the dungeon.

There's also the 2001 May Lee Roulette Event that starts on March 31, where you have a chance at getting the character May Lee in the 2001 design. Another roulette event will be available this week too, called the '96 Leona Roulette.

As with the 2001 May Lee event, this one gives you a chance to acquire Leona in her '96 design. This will open up for players today as it's active alongside the beginning of the False Halloween event.