The HyperX ChargePlay Clutch For Mobile Is A Game Changer


HyperX is typically more well-known for its PC gaming accessories, but its new ChargePlay Clutch Mobile is designed specifically for smartphones.

No pun intended, the ChargePlay Cutch Mobile is a game changer for players on the go who use their smartphone as the device to get in some game time.

This is a device which offers multiple main benefits. The first being that it was designed to keep your device topped up so you can continue playing. The "clutch" in the name has a direct correlation too.


With the ChargePlay Clutch you essentially have controller grips for your phone. But you still get to use the touchscreen controls. Together these two functions make smartphone gaming possible over longer periods of time. While also providing a more comfortable grip.

The HyperX ChargePlay Clutch for mobile wirelessly charges your device

If your device supports wireless charging, the HyperX ChargePlay Clutch for mobile is a device you want.

It has a built in Qi wireless charging pad that keeps your phone topped up as you play. Which comes in handy during games that are extremely power hungry. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition and Call of Duty Mobile are good examples of heavy battery drainers.


Both grips expand out too so it fits multiple devices. Phones as small as 5-inches and all the way up to 6.7-inches can be comfortably tucked between the left and right grips. This is nearly every smartphone model out there these days.

Yes, that is a detachable battery pack

The ChargePlay Clutch is more than just a controller grip that wirelessly charges smartphones. The battery pack is also detachable and it comes with USB ports to charge your phones with a wired cable.

There are three ports on the device. One USB C port in for charging the battery pack and a USB A port next to it for plugging in a device that doesn't have wireless charging.


There's also a second USB C in port on the controller grip itself. This way if the battery pack is detached and charging another device, or if it needs to charge itself, you can still plug the grip into a different power source and wirelessly charge your phone as you play.

You aren't looking at a massive capacity for the battery pack here as it's only 3,000mAh. But that's more than enough when you consider that it's stacked on top of whatever your phone's capacity is. As it lets you drain the battery pack first.

The ChargePlay Clutch is available as of today for $59.99 and can be picked up from Amazon. It can also be picked up from the HyperX website.


HyperX ChargePlay Clutch for Mobile - $59.99 - Amazon