The Fitbit Charge 4 Is Official & You Can Pre-Order It Now

Fitbit Charge 4 4

The Fitbit Charge 4 has officially been announced by Fitbit today and you can pre-order it now. The company has started sending out emails to anyone on its email list to check out what’s new, with the central focus being the new tracker.

There are two new things to pay attention to with the Charge 4. While many of the things included are not really different from its predecessor, the Charge 3. With the new tracker you’re getting integrated GPS module so you don’t need your phone to keep track of your routes. The Charge 4 also includes the new Active Zone Minutes, and features a battery life of up to seven days.

You can pre-order the Fitbit Charge 4 on the Fitbit website

So far it looks like the only place to pre-order the Fitbit Charge 4 is the actual Fitbit website. Eventually it should be on Amazon as well as through other online retailers. It doesn’t look like it’s available through Amazon right now though.


If you’re considering buying the tracker, it’ll cost $149.99 for three of the four colors – the Black, Rosewood, and Storm Blue/Black models. If you want the Granite Woven model, which comes with reflective material in the fabric of the strap, it’ll cost $169.99 instead.

According to the site the trackers will begin shipping by April 13.

Built-in GPS and Active Zone Minutes to keep you moving

Fitbit users will have another thing to achieve when using the Charge 4 thanks to the Active Zone Minutes. This particular new tracking system will work by scanning your heart rate using the heart rate sensor during your workouts.


If you end up meeting your daily or weekly heart rate goals then you will accrue Active Zone Minutes. The bigger draw here though is the built-in GPS. This isn’t something that Fitbit has included in any trackers prior to now.

With it though, you can track your routes without having to bring your smartphone with you. That should help if you don’t like adding extra bulk onto your person while you exercise.

If you do happen to keep your smartphone with you though during workouts, then you can utilize the Fitbit Charge 4’s new Spotify app.


You will need your phone on you and connected to the Charge 4 if you’re going to use the Spotify feature. It’ll work just like it does on other wearables like the Galaxy Watch Active 2, allowing you to see recent playlists, and pause and play or skip tracks. Alleviating any need to pull your phone out of your pocket.