The Division 2 Is Live On Stadia With The New Warlords Expansion


If you're a Division fan now is your chance to play The Division 2 on Stadia, and it comes with access to the new Warlords of New York expansion.

The expansion of course isn't included with the purchase of the base game. That's extra.  As it should be since it was extra for players on other platforms as well and only just launched at the beginning of March.

That said, there are three versions of The Division 2 on Stadia to buy. So you can choose which one you want based on how much content and extra goodies you want access to in-game. All three versions are on sale for Pro members, too.


The Division 2 on Stadia is 33-percent off with Warlords of New York

Since all three versions of the game are on sale this is your chance to save some serious cash on a great game.

For starters, the base game is only $9.90 right now. That's 67-percent off, and a price that's pretty close to what gamers paid on PC when Ubisoft held its Lunar New Year sale.

Moving up, the next version is the Warlords of New York Edition which will normally cost $60. Right now it's on sale for just $40.19 which is a 33-percent discount.


Lastly there's the Warlords Of New York Ultimate Edition which normally costs $80, and it's currently on sale for $60, which is 25-percent off. These sales will only last until April 1. So you won't lose out if you don't buy the game at the discount this week, but you won't want to wait too long if you wanted to pick this up.

This is the first game with cross-play & cross-progression

When it was confirmed by Ubisoft that the game would be launching on Stadia, it noted cross-play was coming.

Stating that players on Stadia would be able to play with friends that were playing on PC. What it didn't mention that was cross-progression was also part of the game.


This is similar to Destiny 2's cross-save feature. What it will do is allow you to play your characters on both platforms, and pick up exactly where you left off.

You will however need to have the game on both platforms. Including DLC content. So if you have Warlords of New York on Stadia, you will also need it on PC if you want to carry your progress over.

Since this is the "first" game with cross-progression and cross-play, it's safe to assume that more will be coming in due time.